Jun 2, 2010

This is the Beginning, Just So You Know

You know sometimes, when you stumble across a blog and think it's just the bees knees? And the next half hour of your life is spent in continual clicking of the "previous" button. But then you get to a post where the "previous" button doesn't do anything anymore, and you're left to wonder whether you've reached the first post or if the internal mechanics of the "previous" button have just conked out on you.

So you read the post a little closer to figure out if it was truly the inaugural post (By this point, the coherency of the blog you started reading half an hour ago has unraveled into idle postings about sandwiches, so perhaps you're not as invested.). That first post can be confusing. "I love this blog! Wait, was their first entry really about some cheese they bought? No ecstatic photographs, no balloons, no exclamation points?"

I don't really have a better answer. I do have a couple exclamation points (!!!), though. I hope that does it for you.

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