Jun 3, 2010

Sandwiches, Frock, and Other Wonderfulness

The great thing about Portland is that even when it's raining, you can still have a terrific time. We were wandering around on Alberta today and finally got to enjoy the deliciousness of The Grilled Cheese Grill.

Then, after our cheesily wonderful meal, I finally got to pop into Frock on Alberta! The card-buyer at Powell's Books for Home & Garden has suggested several times that I check them out, and now I understand why.

Not only is their space pretty adorable, but I felt like they've got a good collection on their hands, and a lot of the pieces were things I haven't seen around yet. I toted along a handful of designs, and the owner was not only super friendly and gracious, but she's also going to give my cards a shot! So if you're in the Alberta neighborhood and get a hankering for some lovely accessories and maybe a Dot card, well, you know where to go.