Jun 11, 2010

Waxing and Laminating, Waning and Ruminating

I added some gift tags to dottikins.etsy.com, in one of my several shrewd attempts to savvily diversify. There's some lists floating around of the top-selling etsy shops, so I investigated the shops that sold paper goods and discovered that many of them sell a variety of products, not just the single-note-pony of greeting cards that I've been kicking my spurs into.

So, thus, gift tags. It made sense, the photos spice up my shopfront, and it felt rewarding to reuse some of the spare printed pages floating around my work area. Who wouldn't like the idea of matching your gift tags to the greeting card? Plus, it sounds responsible to say "diversify" in regards to anything I've done.

Then I went to work and used the laminator to snazz up some section labels, and suddenly it became a great driving goal of mine to make fancy schmancy bookmarks. Imagine them! The wonders, the glory, the shininess of the cards as they slip into a novel...oh, to have such dreams fulfilled.