Jun 25, 2010

P.Y.T, T.L.E, X.Y.Z.

Things that TLE can stand for:

Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Target Location Error
Total Lunar Eclipse
Transient Luminous Event
Temporary Lodging Expense

But what does TLE stand for today?
Tender. Loving. Empire.

As in, totally great hub of sweet music and Portland lovin' craftiness. As in, record label meets gift shop in an explosion of DIY at 412 SW 10th Ave.

Admittedly, this is one of those times when I've been glad not to have seen the shopfront before I brought my cards by. There's something about sharing rackspace with Ryan Berkley and Nikki McClure that makes me want to give up, go home, and start burning all my paper products. But I'm sure that would cause one of Berkley's suited bunnies to give me a stern glance, and one of Ms.Mclure's sturdy workers would be disappointed in such waste, and so I don't. Instead, I dropped off a small cavalcade of elephants, owls, and cupcakes, and you can now check them out at Tender Loving Empire along with all those other great folks. The shop is right off of Burnside, so it's a welcome addition to the traditional Powells/Reading Frenzy/etcetera trip.

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